Health and Nutrition revisited-

Hello All-

I would like to introduce you to a mind set which will help you think of your health and well being very differently. This comes from Ayurveda(Indian Origin- mans “Knowledge of Life”). The nword Ayur means “Life” and Veda means knowledge.

This means the secret to maximize your health potential is nto understand your natural background with which your body and mind are in harmony. This is latrgely dictated by your family history, geographical location where you were born, the culture and habits of the society where you spent your early years. A full understanding of this background is essential for your well being. why…… please follow tnhis blog for the next instalment.

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This blog site is intended for people to share their experiences regarding health and nutrition. I have over thirty years experience in nutrition counselling and have been involved actively in the healthfood and holistic therapy for all that time.

How many of us think  we are healthy and don’t have to worry about body chemistry and subtle symptoms ? How many of us have considered the environment, physical surroundings, geograhhic location and family history related to our birth?

Do you know that the best time to start thinking about your health and nutrition is when you feel very healthy and active and perhaps even when you are very young?

The cliche phrase “Youth is wasted on the young ” (George Bernard Shaw’s) does apply here?

Morne in my next.

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